Eye Opening History of Roma Holocaust And Their Persecution During Nazi Regime

Dachau Camps
Dachau Camps

Human history is full of horrible events encompassing men killing their brethren for a piece of land to simply torturing others for the sake of a different belief system. In some instances, this reality is crueler than others. One such example is of the Roma holocaust by Nazis and their brutal ways of handling their prisoners of war and other political opponents.

Unlike the Jews, Roma people are not mentioned in history much for their horrible experience during Holocaust. The story of the Dachau concentration camp talks about the horrifically unique methods of torture that the Romas endure.

Horrible Tales Of Roma Holocaust


Dachau concentration camps were found in 1933 on an abandoned site north of Munich in the state of Bavaria. It was the first concentration camp built by Nazi Germany and initially, their main motive was to keep Hitler’s political opponent. As time passed they started to fill it with war prisoners and Jews, Roma, and other peoples.

The camps were later used also for other experimentation and study or research purposes as they fancied Hitler’s mind and propagate the idea of Nazi Germany which have to be based on racial supremacy. Some methods are aware by some of you like Gas chamber, viral infection, tissues, and bone experiment, etc.


In 1944 as World War 2 was close to its end, the experiment was continued in concentration camps. They started an experiment to test the viability of drinking seawater. Hundreds of Roma people were deprived of fresh water and food to conduct this research. Some stories are about this cruel incident, some of these people whose basic rights were abducted became so dehydrated that they begin to lick freshly mopped floors to satisfy their need for fresh drinkable water.

The war stats show that around 2 to 5 hundred thousand Roma people were perpetrated in world war 2 by Nazis and their allies.


Romas were among the groups of people who were slaughtered by the Nazi regime(1933-1945) and their partners during the war. They were abducted and deported like criminals, forced labor across borders, and their fate was clouded by the axis powers.

There were killing centers like Auschwitz, Sobibor, Dachau, and many more where they wiped out the Roma people and their children. They were placed in gas chambers and experimented with lunatic medical and scientific purposes where Doctors and Scientist from Nazis and their allies fulfilled their wishes. The conditions of their camp invited Malaria, Hepatitis, Dysentery, and other health hazards.


Josef Mengele was infamous for such experiments and lured children in his notorious work. One prisoner told about Roma twins who were sewn together and left in a terrible state. Their wound was infected and painful. The children screamed day and night with pain and fear of death.