Resumption Of Talks Between Writers Union And Hollywood Aims To End Strike

The writers strike
The writers strike might come to an end

Hollywood’s scripted entertainment industry has shut down. The entire entertainment industry depends on two major factors. They require one who writes the script and one who brings life to the script. So when the industry began to treat them like they were unimportant, the writers and actors of Hollywood decided they had had enough. The rights of writers and actors are protected by two different unions. The SAG – Screen Actors Guild and AFTRA –  American Federation of Television and Radio Artists. Together they form the SAG-AFTRA.

The writers and actors have come together for the first time ever since 1960. The strike started on the 14th of July 2023. The writers and actors have been constantly putting forward their demands to the Union Leaders. Eventually, after almost a month of struggle, the protestors find solace in the decision taken today.

Talks Have Resumed

The union of writers and actors has been in protest for 3 weeks. But the struggle all started when they decided to walk out 3 months ago. However, the two unions have decided to speak amongst each other and come to a conclusion. They are going to restart their talks on this issue. The members of the unions received emails regarding the negotiation. The WGA – Writers Guild Of America is in talks with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers. The AMPTP represents major production studios, TV channels, and streaming platforms.

The email informed the protestors that the Unions are to have a meeting on Friday. They will discuss the contracts and their terms and conditions. However, they have also told people to be wary of rumors. This negotiation is an important one. If it goes well, then the voice of the people protesting on the streets will be heard. Maybe that’s why the email stated them to be aware of rumors. Besides, the union head also wrote that anything important will directly be announced by the Unions.

Writers And Actors Come Together

Initially, it was the writers who walked out of buildings and onto the streets. They started the protest as a means to get their point across. They required their grievances. The writers told that they were fighting for survival. There was a lot of concern that the writers wanted to sort out. Payment, health care, shortage of staff, and majorly the takeover of AI in the creative field.

Eventually, the intensity of the protests rose when the actors decided to join as well. Well-known faces were on the street protesting for the rights of actors and writers. Will the issue be solved after the negotiation on Friday? We will have to wait and see.

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