“What Race Is SpongeBob?” Search Result Raises Uproar In The Social Media Community


What Race Is SpongeBob? This question led to a social media campaign after The controversy was raised by Zachariah Ezer when he published his thought on the identities of cartoon characters. Posing himself as a cartoon philosopher, he addressed the long-form institutionalism inducted into the cartoons we see today.

Animations created for fun now seen in the clothes of race seem pretty backward considering the time we are in. Twitter went crazy and was baffled all along the way finding out the races of beloved SpongeBob and SquarePants. Some viewed it with ridicule and others were curious about the whole thing.

Who Is SpongeBob SquarePants?

One of the world’s most beloved animated series, SpongeBob SquarePants is a comedy created by Stephen Hillenburg, a marine educator and animator by profession. It was created for Nickelodeon.

The show officially premiered on 17th July 1999 and became an instant hit. Named the ‘kids first love,’ this show is highly acclaimed and is a recipient of many awards including the Emmy International, Kid’s Choice Awards, and BAFTAs.

The Actual Race Of SpongeBob

Imagine yourself in the Polynesian world of sea creatures. What comes to your mind? Who are these people? where did they come from? how will I live here? or the first thought will be What ethnicity does he belong to? The scenario sets the analogy straight. Some on Twitter say that SpongeBob belongs to a race called ‘Sponge Doe’.  

A connection between the West treatment and ‘Bikini Bottom’ was made. Just to remind you, Bikini Bottom is the place where the SpongeBob universe is located. The exact geographic locations of Earth were inferred just on the basis of accents and ways of expression which is amusing.

Just to prove a point, the whole baffle was created. Colors are given to cartoons to give them authenticity, lighten the mood, create a laugh, and move the scene. Connecting it to a prolonged issue will result in nothing but bizarre chaos.

Addressing The Actual Question

In the report presented, the limelight was given to black characters and the apparel they wear. Take for example Mickey Mouse. One of Walt Disney’s masterpieces, who would have thought that the white crisp gloves added to the hands of the mouse will eventually lead to us questions pertaining to racism? Expressing explicitly becomes one of the most important things about cartoons.

There is a criterion being put out to infer whether a character is black or not. A backstory, a trickster, and not originally black are some of them. Sounds funny, right?? Racism and marginalism pertained for a long time and will continue to do so but it has some boundaries to look forward to, for example discussing cartoons. Giving tags of being black just because the characters are minding their own way, and living their own life shows that we are not fully progressing it.

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