What Happened To Rich Pyle? Why Was He Fired From ‘Hardcore Pawn’?

Rich Pyle
Rich Pyle

Rich Pyle is a famous and beloved reality TV star best known for starring in seven seasons of the 2009 reality show called ‘Hardcore Pawn’. Rich Pyle was the store manager of the original shop and in the show, he portrayed his real self. Rich was also voted one of the Top 10 Sexiest Men on TruTV.

In this article, we are going to break down the career of Rich Pyle in the reality show. And will also take a look at the possible reasons for his exit from further seasons of ‘Hardcore Pawn’.

What Was The Reality Show ‘Hardcore Pawn’?

‘Hardcore Pawn’ is a very popular American reality television series produced by RDF USA and Richard Dominick Productions for the channel – truTV.

The series depicted the real-life day-to-day operations, dealings, and business of a family-owned pawn shop called ‘American Jewelry and Loan’. The shop was located in Michigan, Detroit. The Gold family who owned the shop were the stars of the reality show along with their store manager of 20 years – Rich Pyle.

The series premiered on August 16, 2010. And the first episode set a record for truTV’s most-watched series premiere ever. Viewers loved the show for its depiction of the pawn business in mainstream media which was rarely seen back then. In 2014, the last season of the series premiered on TV.

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Why Was Rich Pyle Fired From The Reality Show?

The real reasons for the abrupt firing of the store manager of more than 20 years – Rich Pyle in the show Hardcore Pawn is not clearly depicted. Fans to this day wonder what truly transpired behind the scenes to have resulted in such a hasty and surprising decision by the Gold family.

Although, Pyle has dropped hints in some of his interviews that he was fired for some personal motives. Fans f the show speculate that the ulterior motive to fire the witty and feisty Rich Pyle was because of his growing popularity. The majority of fans loved watching the reality show due to the fun, humorous, and outspoken store manager. Rich Pyle was everyone’s favorite character on the show.

This massively growing popularity of a mere store manager did not sit well with the owners of the pawn shop and thus, the Gold family fired Rich Pyle. It was an attempt to shift the spotlight from Rich to the Gold family members.

What Has Rich Pyle Been Upto Since Exit From ‘Hardcore Pawn’?

After his sudden and bizarre firing from the show ‘Hardcore Pawn’, Pyle went on a road tour called ‘For The Hock Of It’. On this tour, he met up with his numerous fans and fellow pawnbrokers.

Later, in 2013, Pyle was seen on the National Geographic show called ‘Meltdown On The Ice Planet’. While shooting for this show, Rich traveled around the world and experienced so many new things.

Apart from these, Rich Pyle has also been guest interviewed in shows on media channels like Fox, NBC, CBS, and many more.

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