Elon Musk Confirms Optimus Robot’s Genetically Engineered Cat Girl Version

Tesla Catgirl Robots
Tesla Catgirl Robots

We can all agree that Elon Musk never shies away from uneasy discussions. He always tackles topics head-on that others might find uncomfortable. Recently, he shared an article headline that talked about scientists trying to develop a real-life genetically engineered cat girl.

For those who don’t know, a catgirl is a female fictional character who has cat ears, a tail, or other feline characteristics on an otherwise humanoid body. The said article discussed how insufficient funding is becoming an obstacle to this lucid dream of many coming to life. But it seems like Elon has taken it upon himself to make it a reality.

Tesla Will Make Catgirl Robots


Elon Musk’s Tesla is developing an AI robot named Optimus, which will have many real-life applications. And now Elon has confirmed that Tesla will also create a version inspired by the dream fictional character known as Catgirl edition.

Optimus is currently in its testing phase, and Tesla has released a short video showcasing its progress and capabilities. It can perform various tasks, including lifting objects, solving puzzles, and engaging in conversations. However, having this robot in a catgirl’s skin might seem like overkill.

Nevertheless, many people think it’s a great idea. Elon Musk quoted the Catgirl article while tweeting, “Optimus will come in many forms.” It is a clear indication that the richest man in the world has now made it his mission to merge the fantasy world with the real one.

Although it is not clear when the robot will be available for the public to purchase, Tesla’s updates confirm that the day is not far off.

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Twitter User Reacts To Elon’s Announcement

On the other hand, Twitter users were quick to respond to Elon’s tweet with their own ideas and humorous replies:

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