10 Best Latin Chartbusters Song Of April 2023

Top 10 Latin songs in April
Top 10 Latin songs in April

With globalization and easy access to music on the Internet, it has now become convenient for music lovers to explore diverse genres and languages through music. One such recent popular fan-favorite is Latin songs. With groovy tunes and meaningful and catchy lyrics, Latin songs are increasing more and more in popularity with each passing day.

In this article, we are going to break down the best 10 Latin chartbusters songs in April 2023. Let’s get right into it.

Top 10 Latin Chartbusters Songs Of April 2023

Ella Baila Sola

‘Ella Baila Sola’ is this week’s number 1 Latin song on the US charts. It is the first collaborative musical venture by Latin artists – Peso Pluma and Eslabon Armado. It is a lovely song to delight music lovers. So far the song has over 120 million streams on Spotify.

La Bebe

The catchy Latin song ‘La Bebe’ by Latin artists – Peso Pluma and Yng Lvcas is trending on the second spot on all US charts. The song is earning massive success and recognition to the Mexican star – Peso Pluma. The song has over 90 million views and streams on Spotify.


‘TQG’ is the fifth single from Karol G’s fourth studio album – ‘Manana Sera Bonito’. It is a massive hit song by Colombian singers and songwriters Karol G and Shakira. The song has over 310 million streams on Spotify. It is currently trending at number 3 on the US charts.


‘Beso’ is a trending and famous Latin song by notable Spanish singer and songwriter – Rosalia. This song is a collaboration of Rosalia with the well-known musician – Rauw Alejandro. It is a popular single from Rosalia’s latest album ‘RR’. The song has over 90 million streams on Spotify and is trending at number 4 on the US charts this week.

Bebe Dame

‘Bebe Dame’ is a current chartbuster hit by Latin singer – Fuerza Ragida and the Latin band ‘Grupo Frontera’. The song was produced by Jesus Ortiz Paz who also co-wrote the song with Edgar Barrera. The successful Latin song is currently number 5 on the US charts. It has over 220 million streams on Spotify.


‘AMG’ is a popular trending song by Latin musicians – Peso Pluma, Gabito Ballesteros, and Natanael Cano. The song is a massive hit all over the globe and is peaking on the list of top 10 Latin songs this week in the US at the sixth spot. So far, the song has garnered over 250 million streams on Spotify worldwide.


‘PRC’  is another hit song by Latin singer Peso Pluma in collaboration with Natanael Cano. The song narrates the story of a man who is surrounded by wealth, women, and illegal substances. The song is trending at number seven this week. It has already amassed over 190 million views on Spotify.

Por Las Noches

‘Por Las Noches’  is a current hit song by Mexican artist – Peso Pluma. It is a remix song in collaboration with artist Nicki Nicole. The lyrics of the song are written in a way that invokes nostalgia in the listeners as the fictional protagonist reminisces about his past lover. This week the song peaked at number eight on the US charts. It has over 100 million streams on Spotify.

Yandel 150

‘Yandel 150’  is a famous Latin song by artists – Feid and Yandel. It is one of the acclaimed singles from Yandel’s latest album ‘Resistencia’. The song is a global massive hit single that is trending at number nine this week of April. The song has over 340 million streams on Spotify and is the best song of Yandel’s career so far.

Shakira: Bzrp Music Sessions, Volume 53

It means out of your league in English. It is a massively successful song by Argentine DJ Bizarrap and popular Colombian singer Shakira. It was released by Dale Play Records, followed by a music video on Bizarrap’s official YouTube channel as a part of his popular ‘Bzrp Music Sessions’ series. It has more than 530 million views on YouTube and Spotify. The song is trending at number ten this week of April.

These are the top 10 Latin songs that are trending on the US charts in April.

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