Korean Student Eats Italian Artist Maurizio Cattelan “Banana Artwork” Worth $120,000

Korean Student Eats Italian Artist Maurizio Cattelan “Banana Artwork” Worth $120,000
Korean Student Eats Italian Artist Maurizio Cattelan “Banana Artwork” Worth $120,000

Without any doubt, art is always inspired by many things, but have you heard the real banana stayed a million worth of art on the walls of a museum? The banana that is taped to the wall is considered an art and it is worth $120,000.

The brilliant Italian artist  Maurizio Cattelan did this art and a naughty art student ate that banana art and it sounds funny too. Continue reading to know more about this funny art incident.

The “Banana Artwork” 

The sold $120,000 worth of banana artwork called the ‘Comedian’ piece is done by an Italian artist Maurizio CattelanMaurizio Cattelan and is kept at Seoul Leeum Museum of Art, currently.

A banana with a ripe appearance was duct taped to the wall of the Seoul Leeum Museum of Art is considered to be an art and is so much attracted to people.

As a way of adding attraction to the already renowned and attracted banana art, Seoul National University art student Noh Hyun-soo ate that banana taped to the wall.

The concept of that banana art is considered to be art worthy of other than seeing it as a banana tapped to the wall simply and that banana is replaced every few days to make the banana in the art have its ripe appearance.

Why He Did Do It?

When Noh was caught removing the banana from the wall, a voice calls out, “Hey, you there!”  and he grabbed the banana taped to the wall fastly and ate it.

Noh told the Korean broadcaster KBS, “I found it fun in that defacing a work of art could be seen as a work of art itself,” and he added, “I don’t think I saw anyone else do something like this, so I just went ahead and did it for fun. Don’t they put [the banana] on the wall for eating, anyway?”

He explained to Museum that he had eaten it because he was hungry. He was not the only one who ate that banana art. There are few people before him who ate it too.

In 2019, when the first edition of ‘Comedian’ was sold and displayed at Perrotin Gallery at Art Basel in Miami, a performance artist named David Datuna ate that banana art.

After his eating banana art activity, he wrote about this incident on his Instagram page saying, “I love Maurizio Cattelan’s artwork and I really love this installation. It’s very delicious.”

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