Top 10 Most Beautiful Ring Girls In UFC

Top 10 Most Beautiful Ring Girls In UFC
Top 10 Most Beautiful Ring Girls In UFC

Doing laps to entertain the audience and keep things going holds great importance in UFC. When the ring girls move in between the UFC octagon and do laps, there are lights up in the eyes of the fans and other audiences.

It’s hard to not notice them as they are the ones who introduce each round of action. Many beautiful ring girls got recognized faces of UFC and reached popularity worldwide. Continue reading to know the top 10 most beautiful ring girls in UFC.

1.  Arianny Celeste

Arianny is #1 in the top 10 beautiful ring girls in UFC, despite her being 34 years old and still called as ‘epitome of beauty’. She is been doing this since 2006. She worked both inside and outside the ring in the biggest UFC events.

She is the first to win the ‘UFC Ring Girl of the Year’ award six-time to date. Despite UFC ring girl, she is also a successful model and got featured on the front pages of Maxim, FHM, Sports Illustrated, and Playboy.

2. Brittney Palmer

Being a two-time winner of the UFC Ring Girl of the Year award, she started her journey in UFC in 2012. Since then, she is among one of the most recognized UFC ring girls.

Apart from being a UFC ring girl, she is also into art and painting, and her talent in that is proven by her portraits.

3. Vanessa Hanson

Originally Vanessa wanted to have a career in psychology but after her guest appearance on the UFC in 2011, which made her popular and since then, she started her career as a UFC ring girl.

She is now, 29 years old California girl with a net worth that is more than $2 million.

4. Rachelle Leah

Started as a model at the age of 18 then and now, she is among the top 10 beautiful ring girls in the UFC, she became well-recognized and successful.

Despite UFC ring girl, she is also a model featured in many magazines like AXL, 944, Muscle and Fitness, and also in Tv shows like MMAthletics, The Ultimate Fighter, and Inside the UFC.

5. Chrissy Blair

With a handful of experience she gained via being an MMA ring girl, she joined UFC in 2013 and rose to fame more than before.

This Florida ring girl and model is also famous for her protein bars which is owned by her company, “Kalumi Beauty.”

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6. Amber Nichole Miller

Unlike others, she is not a part of UFC ring girls now. For the fact, she started her career in 2001.

Due to certain issues with TV personalities and model Rachelle Leah during UFC 60, she left UFC after working there for only four years and she is still among the top 10 beautiful ring girls in the UFC.

Currently, she is a model who got featured in magazines like MAXIM, MGM, Oxygen, Muscle and Fitness, and many more.

7. Logan Stanton

Called the ‘cutest ring girl’ by many fans then and even now, despite the longevity of her working period as a ring girl. She started he career in 2008 as a ring girl and bid farewell to UFC in 2009 as she doesn’t feel this shoe fits or is her piece of cake.

It’s been more than a decade; still, she is on the list of the top 10 beautiful ring girls in the UFC. Currently is working as a model.

8. Chandella Powell

She carries the pride of being the first African American girl to UFC in 2010 and being on the top 10 beautiful ring girls in the UFC list despite the fact she is no longer the UFC ring girl as a result of the exposure of her earlier soft-core pornographic images.

She started her career as a Playboy Bunny Hostess at a Las Vegas palm casino and later she became a UFC ring girl. She is, presently, a caring mother.

9. Carly Baker

In 2013, another beauty made her debut at UFC London. In 2019, Carly Baker won an award for ‘The Ring Girl of the Year.’

In addition to UFC ring girl, she is also a martial artist and Muay Thai practitioner. She also got featured in various TV shows and magazines which led her to gain more than 200,000 followers on Instagram.

10. Edith Labelle

The immediate fan favorite or heart throbber became the first Canadian girl to join UFC as a ring girl in 2007 and is still among the list of top 10 beautiful ring girls in the UFC. Due to food poisoning, she couldn’t able to attend the UFC 100 and got terminated later. This event led to her career being cut short by being a ring girl.

Some are still ring girls and some are not and despite this fact, these are the top 10 beautiful ring girls of all time in UFC.

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