Tesla Helicopter: Elon Musk Can Shake Aviation Market With New Concept

Elon Musk - Tesla Helicopter
Elon Musk and Tesla Helicopter

Elon Musk is a very tech-savvy guy, as we all know. But what makes him special is that he is always looking to make things better. He did this with Tesla, making cars better, and with SpaceX, making space transportation cheaper and more reliable, among many of his other startups that are doing the same.

From making a flamethrower to sending his Tesla Roadster to space, he is never short on humor. And this time, he may bring a revolution to air travel, and that too in style. Recently, a concept for a Tesla helicopter was shared online, and it is absolutely killing it with its design language. If it were to become a reality, it could disrupt the aviation market.

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New Tesla Helicopter That Is Pure Aesthetic Beauty

Tesla Helicopter

The new Tesla helicopter design was created by Antonio Pagela Design, and it is like nothing you have seen before.

Tesla Helicopter 2

The design of the helicopter is giving strong Tesla aesthetics vibes, boasting sharp curves and a sleek body that could put any currently available helicopter on the market to shame.

Tesla Helicopter 3

The designer suggested the use of carbon fiber to make the outer body of the Tesla helicopter. The combination of red and black, and in another design, yellow with black, both look absolutely amazing.

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Tesla Helicopter 4

Now, it remains to be seen whether Elon Musk will make these designs a reality. In the past, Elon Musk has mentioned that he is looking forward to making Tesla planes and helicopters.

Tesla Helicopter 8

However, the issue with making electric flying machines is that they require too much energy to lift off the ground, which is not currently possible with the Tesla battery packs in use. Elon confirmed that they are working on new technology that can extend the capacity of battery packs without making them too heavy.

Elon has also launched several products inspired by and suggested by the public, including Tesla Whiskey and the Boring Flamethrower, among others. So, it is not completely impossible for Elon Musk to pick up this concept and make it a reality.

Tesla Helicopter 6

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