Bill Gates Now Controls Twitter After Elon Musk’s One Stupid Move, Elon May Lose $20 Billion To Microsoft

Bill Gates and Elon Musk
Bill Gates and Elon Musk

Bill Gates and Elon Musk have been on opposite sides many times in the past. The Tesla CEO has made fun of the Microsoft founder on numerous occasions, and now it seems that the tables have turned. It’s now Bill Gates’ turn to torment Elon Musk.

Recently, Elon Musk announced that he is changing Twitter to Leading this move, Musk changed Twitter’s decade-old Blue Bird Logo to ‘X’. Elon has said that he is converting Twitter into a one-super app for all needs. However, Musk made a grave mistake in his overconfidence, which might make Bill Gates the owner of Twitter.

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Elon Musk’s Naive Mistake Leads Twitter Into Bill Gates’ Hands

Elon Musk made a big move last year by purchasing Twitter for around $40 billion, and since then, he has been facing one trouble after another as Twitter is proving to be too big of a challenge for him. From his takeover until now, Twitter has lost more than $20 billion in valuation.

All of these issues led Elon Musk to rebrand to This week, Elon Musk made these changes, and now redirects to But this move made him vulnerable to a probable loss of $20 billion.

Perhaps Elon Musk was unaware that the trademark for the commercial use of ‘X’ is with Microsoft. The company had trademarked this many years ago for their Xbox brand. Unfortunately, this unrelated move is going to be a hurdle in Elon Musk’s way to evolve Twitter into a super app.

According to experts, Bill Gates, who founded Microsoft, can now take legal action against for unauthorized use of their trademark. Under the laws, Elon Musk can only use ‘X’ as a brand if he pays a hefty licensing fee to Microsoft. On the other hand, Elon Musk’s rowdy behavior can lead to a legal case where Microsoft will most likely claim ownership of ‘X,’ and holding the right to commercial use of ‘X’ will make them the legal owner of the brand.

This messy situation can only be solved if Elon Musk reverts back to using ‘X’ for Twitter or agrees to pay a large sum of money to Microsoft, which is highly unlikely given his past altercations with the company and its owner, Bill Gates.

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Elon Musk Has Made Fun Of Bill Gates For Holding A Short Position On Tesla

This is not the first time that the world’s former richest man and the current richest man have found themselves against each other. Last year, Elon Musk expressed his anger at Bill Gates after he heard rumors that Bill Gates is holding a short position on Tesla stock.

Elon tweeted, “In case u need to lose a boner fast,” along with a pregnant man emoji and a photo of Bill Gates. After this, he also replied to his own tweet, “shadow ban council reviewing tweet,” suggesting that Twitter would limit his reach for posting the crude tweet. This was before Elon Musk took over Twitter.

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